Screen saver or power savings

Question - when the monitor sleeps does this cause the script to lose visibility of the game window?  I have died a few times this week when I have been away from the computer for an extended period of time and the monitor goes to sleep.  When I wake it up I see I have been killed by rats and the sanderling log indicates it was unable to execute launch of drones or able to find the station book mark.  I disabled monitor sleep mode yesterday and have not yet encounter the problem.


I have no experience with such a scenario.

But keep in mind that the eve online client might react to the power saving stuff too and behave different anyway (why update the UI if nobody can see it anyway?).

So you confirm that you have not seen this behavior occur in your development?  I will try to trouble shoot the issue to confirm that it is the screen sleeping that is causing the failure.  Will get back to you with any findings.

So you confirm that you have not seen this behavior occur in your development?

Yes, but I have not tested this either. I never tested what happens when the monitor goes to sleep.

I thought I would report back on this topic now that I have had more experience.

It seems that in my case when Windows 7 power settings puts my monitor into standby or “sleep” mode this somehow signals the EVE application to no longer update the GUI.  Sanderling panics as it cannot see the local chat and tried to warp me to safety, but since it can no longer control the GUI, nothing happens.  Ship stays in position until killed, or I wake up the monitor so Sanderling can resume.  To solve the problem I have disabled monitor power saving so it never sleeps and manually turn off the monitor.  This seems to keep the application’s graphics running and Sanderling happy.

I have also installed EVE and Sanderling in a Windows 7 VM running on a Mac Mini with OSX.  The monitor going to sleep does not impact the Windows 7 instance.  I guess the same mechanism is not being invoked within the VM.


Thank you for the detailed report.