New Fighters

We will provide you with a new process sample with the button tooltip and fighter squadron bay UI.

To target all the rats I use this (setRatVisible array comes from your previous example):

int ratTargets = setRatVisible.Length-1;
 for(int i =0;  i <=ratTargets; i++)

It works.

Right now I am trying to figure it out how to warp within 30km instead of 0.

The targeting code can be improved:

  • Your code will throw an exception and thus stop the script if setRatVisible is ever null
  • If you place the keyboard code outside the loop you save the time for the delay
  • The loop code can be simplified with the foreach statement.

The following code incorporates all those changes:

KeyDown(VirtualKeyCode.LCONTROL);  foreach(var ratEntry in setRatVisible.EmptyIfNull())     Sanderling.MouseClickLeft(ratEntry);  Host.Delay(delayDuration); KeyUp(VirtualKeyCode.LCONTROL);

If you have a menu entry that contains the 30km, you can use this pattern instead the one I showed for warp to 0:


With release of version 16.06.11, I expanded memory reading to include probe scan results and squadron UI.

You can now access the probe scan results over the follwing path:


To access the squadron UI, use the new SquadronsUI property of the IShipUi:


You can find the release at

Do we have any attribute or flag for selected squadron?

I don’t think we have this yet.

If you submit a corresponding process sample, I can look into adding an IsSelected property.

Done.Check your PM.

Also i dont found this hint:


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Now I cant reply on forum. :grinning:
Yes second sample contain all, soo you can download only them.

I see you uploaded two samples. Does the last one contain everything we need? I do not want to store multiple samples for stuff that can be covered in one.
Unless there is a good reason to do otherwise, I’d prefer to use one sample as reference for both selection and hint to keep the storage requirements low.

Good, I stored that one.

Also i should to know Is this ability active/not active/deactiveted. :fearful:

Where can I see this in the screenshot from the process sample?

(I just assigned you the next higher trust level, so you should be able to write posts without the waiting time you mentioned earlier)

In measurement that i mail you no one ability in use, soo i guess it will be impossible to find differences. We need new one, isn’t it?

Yes, we need some sample of what we want to read.

@Terpla, the additions to the interface for the Sqadron UI you requested have been added with version 16.11.17: Sanderling release v16.11.17

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Thank you. I tested, it works. But I still have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible to distinguish active from deactivated abilities?

In both cases, property RampActive == True

  1. Is it possible to understand that the ability is on cooldown?

It looks like you need to add another property.

  1. I ran into a problem: I can not tell the difference from the first and second abilities.

So I ask to add a hint. As for Squadron.

Is it possible add this hint without mouseovers as for modules? Do you need another memory measurement?

Hello Terpla,
I did not forget about your request. At the moment, I have no time to search through process samples for the additional properties you described.
Maybe we could speed up the development process by having multiple people take on the part of searching for memory reading paths. What do you think?

Do we have any tools for this task? or algorithm described with steps?
I would like to help but do not know how to do it.

I will upload a tool which extracts from the UI from a eve client process sample and exporrts the info in an easy to read format. This will follow the algorithm I explained at Advanced Do It Yourself Memory Reading In EVE Online
It will be a tool to persist what you can aleady read with the mentioned algorithm today.

I added a tool to export info from the UI tree from a process sample into a JSON file. You find it at Add console app to read UI tree from process sample and store it in a… · Arcitectus/Sanderling@d9f2d79 · GitHub

Hello, just wondering how your carrier bot worked out. Abbadon and I are about to start our own and we would sincerely appreciate any help, lessons learned, or even code for where to get the carrier data.