Hi there,

I started a basic market order update bot and I found the WindowRegionalMarket Values but “MyOrders” stays empty. Is there a bug in version 16.04.18?



I tried to reproduce the problem with version 16.04.18 but did not achieve that so far.

Maybe I can find the problem if I have a sample of the complete eve online process. You could take a sample of the complete eve online process with this tool:

Hm, I can select the process under the source tab, but it doesnt take the measurement (nothing happens if I click the button). Maybe a Win 10 issue?

At the moment, there is no visual indication for completion of the taking of the measurement.

The only way to verfiy it is by looking into the saved file. This is a zip-archive and also contains a screenshot of the main window of the process choosen in the source tab. To let it write the measurement to a file, drop a file or directory on the lower button. Then you will see the file be craeated or overwritten. (writing the file might take a few seconds)

Thank you for sending me the sample. Looking at the sample, it turned out that the problem is that the current reading code does not consider the possibility of corp orders being shown.

Thus it picked the “Corporation Orders” instead of “My Orders” in your case.

I will change the code and then post an update here.

I released version 16.05.21 to resolve this issue:

Let me know if you see any other problems.