Missing data + Scrolling?

Hi there!

On the WindowInventory reading there seems to be missing some data that is available on the “Raw” entry which I have no idea how to access:
and the estimated price.
(Just letting you know if you want to add them, I personally parse them from the textlabels)

Is there any way to detect the scroll position (like when it’s on top max or bottom max) without having to calculate the max/min regions?

Excelent works on the engine.


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Thanks, I added those to the interface to improve visibility: Relay in case we use this specific type as base. · Arcitectus/Sanderling@a45bae2 · GitHub

To get this info, you can compare the regions of the UI elements from the ScrollHandle and ScrollHandleBound properties on the IScroll interface.
(Bound is the bounding area the handle cannot leave)

I’d try the following code:

static bool IsScrolledToTop(IScroll scroll) =>
	scroll?.ScrollHandle?.Region.Min1 <= scroll?.ScrollHandleBound?.Region.Min1 + 3;

static bool IsScrolledToBottom(IScroll scroll) =>
	scroll?.ScrollHandle?.Region.Max1 >= scroll?.ScrollHandleBound?.Region.Max1 - 3;