Mining in HS 0.9-1.0 another script

@kaboonus Honestly I have to retract what I said earlier none of these scripts work even the base file this file is based on, orginal Orca script does not want to launch drones, and this script does not want to launch drones or warp to Orca folder book marks.

it wasn’t made for using folder bookmarks, and the source doesn’t change. if you use to play in different conditions, you could use him to develop your own script man , I’m not going to made a script for each player after his conditions and playstyle.
you can use the reply’s in this topic and other topics to do that

Yea I get what your saying but as someone who has very limited coding knowledge its not so easy I just wanted a simple Orca script that would got to a book mark launch drones and mine

How to use this c# code ? It is not .elem !

There was a variant of the botting framework that supported C# as the programming language.
But CCP made some changes to the client, and the bot running tool that supported C# does not work with the newer EVE Online client.