Mining bot keeps stopping and closing by itself, why? EVE

I’ve been trying to use the EVE mining bot script, however when i leave it on for a little, it closes mid mining, any help here?

What message do you get from the bot? The mining bot has many different status messages to guide you, so in case of problems, reading the message from the bot helps.

It doesn’t give any message, the application just simply closes. However, could it be due to the fact that I launch the bot through a shortcut?

Yes, launching through a shortcut is not common.

The simplest way to start the mining bot is to download the script from FrontendWeb.Main

This script also contains code to keep the window open after the bot stops, until a key is pressed. This additional code in the script enables running the bot by double-click from the Windows Explorer, in contrast to the usual way where you use Command Prompt, PowerShell or similar app.

There is a time limitation for offline running, 15mins. Make sure you run the bot under online session.