Mining bot failing to press "Stations"

I tried to fix it myself but I am struggling! The failure is when the ore hull is filled and it tries to leave a nullsec asteroid belt reading “Failed step: Click on menu entry ‘stations’”.

I found out the problem is that where I am in nullsec there are no stations, only structures, refineries, etc. Is there a way to change the code for this?

Welcome James!

Thank you for sharing your observation. I guess you used the mining bot linked in the overview for EVE Online, as this is the most popular one. That one is for scenarios where you want to dock somewhere to unload.
As long as you have nowhere to dock, you can use jetcan mining. I see there is already a complete bot code for jetcan mining here:

This jetcan miner looks great! Thank you for the recommendation. However regarding their being no structures I was not very clear. There are places to dock, in my example a refinery, but the bot cannot dock here I assume because refineries don’t show up under “stations” but “structures”.

Is there a way to re-program the bot to allow it to press “structures”, not “stations”? Or maybe have it do a check system with something like, “If I do not see home station in ‘stations’, check ‘structures, refineries’. If home station is not listed here, continue.”

I am not a programmer so I do not know if this is possible, but I feel this is one type of solution.

Yes, I did that reprogramming here:

You can run that version from FrontendWeb.Main