Mining Bot doesn't detect inventory

Hello, i wanted to ask why the bot won’t detect my mining modules or inventory , it shows that i have 0 mining modules even though i have 2 of them , the bookmarks work i think but it keeps opening and closing the inventory, probably cant read how much is my cargo, how can i solve this?

very strange, now it detects my cargo hold % but it cant detect my mining lasers and range

Somehow got it to work, swapped the gaus mining lasers to miner II and took out mining laser upgrades. The script either doesnt recognise the gaus laser or the upgrade mining laser is at fault

Thank you for the report. We identified the problem with the Mining Laser Upgrade module and adapted the Sanderling code to avoid this problem:

You can now avoid this problem by using the newest version of the Sanderling app from Releases · Arcitectus/Sanderling · GitHub