Looking to Begin Development

Hey there. I’m looking to develop several different programs based on this software. I like how powerful it looks, and it sounds like I can do pretty much anything I want to do with sufficient development time in Eve.

What I don’t get is where to modify. I see scripts floating around all over and I’ve opened up the A-Bot project in Visual Studio without being able to see anything to modify.

I don’t see anything marked script or anything that sticks out as a ‘modify me’ that I can easily change to start customizing the bot.

As a developer, I’d appreciate any constructive input that I can apply to begin creating.

I am more interested in this from an experimental standpoint and to see how far I can push it than I am interested in making isk.

Welcome @tfd!

Since you mention you opened A-Bot, I assume you are interested specifically in using EVE Online.

I think a good way to find the parts to modify is to look at the examples of what other people have modified. For the specific bot you mention, ‘A-Bot’, I see many people have made changes to this bot and published those on Github. I found many people working with A-Bot here: Forks · botengine-de/A-Bot · GitHub

Let’s see what we get following a link in this list: GitHub - alexmckenley/A-Bot: eve online anomaly ratting bot based on the sanderling framework
Looks like Alex Taylor made dozens of changes to the bot and we can look at these in more detail to see which are the parts to modify. For example this change:

We have hundreds of such public examples of bot modifications on Github.

For bots in general, there is also this repository, containing changes to different bots, some of them for EVE Online: GitHub - Viir/bots: Programming bots to play video games

In case you are wondering what this Git thing is and why we use it to communicate code changes, this video might be helpful: What is Git and Github? - YouTube