Long time user, first time Bot Operation Key'er

I have been using this bot for over a two years now. Enjoyed extending the basic mining script to add new capabilities. Was surprised at the responsiveness to help debugging issues or adding new capabilities when requested. I have been mostly quite for a year now with very few issues in the bot. Eve changes something, provide a new memory reading, and poof the issue is fixed in a few days. The overall experience has been very good.

I had been running the November 2017 without issue until the most recent local chat problems. I decided to download the new version and get myself up-to-date with all the changes. I ran one toon with the new bot yesterday. Managed to get registered and obtain a Bot Operation Key. Struggled with the new interface a little bit, but managed to run the bot with my old script.

Had an issue with a second toon. Followed the same procedure but when the client tried to connect to the license server I kept getting back a HTTP 500 error code. Gave up and started running the November bot again.

Today I started up the new version of the bot again and the key I entered yesterday had expired. I am now back to running the November release on both toons until I can understand this new credit/fee mechanism. Is there a link to a page describing the credit/fee mechanism? Is there a way to buy a one time key so I do not need to do this renewal? I keep reading the bot is still free. Is it still free and how would I get a free key?

Also, is there a way to get the new client to start up with the default script loaded and in focus within the editor window. I liked the old behaviour, and being old myself I dislike change :slight_smile:

Thank you,

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I am now back to running the November release

How ? I get only measument errors on the old versions… ;O/

In earlier versions I had to wrap a lot of memory measurement queries in conditional checks because i was getting a lot of failures. Still do to this day. The local chat query was one of the original I wrapped when I added a test for hostiles, neutrals, etc in local. So it is still failing, but I modified the code to ignore the failure for now. I am no at war and will only use this version in HS.

Unfortunately, I paid for credits today so I can do some mining in lowsec. After two hours I still have no clue how this purchase gets applied to the account. Past frustrated and now getting angry.


Hello @hacksaw,
thank you for sharing your experiences.

After reading your questions, I did some testing of the Sanderling app. Here is what I found:

Yes, this page is displayed in the Sanderling App:
description of credit/fee mechanism

After pressing the button to start bot operation and entering my key it displays this message:

Price Quote for bot operation:
Using this bot will cost 16 credits per minute.

Usage time ends when the bot is stopped or the program is shut down.

It is actually the same for any bot: 16 credits per minute.

Yes, you can get a one time key by creating an account at http://manage.botengine.org

get a bot operation key

The key you see displayed there after login remains valid. So you do not need to enter a new one in the Sanderling app.

If I understand you correctly, you are using the Sanderling App from March 2018. Running a bot with this user interface is not free, but costs 16 credits per minute.

Thank you for the suggestion, I like the idea.
At the moment, you need to make the two mouse clicks to navigate there after starting the App. (And a third to set the focus into the text editor)

Let me know in case any questions arise.