License issue with Sanderling v2017-11-19


Since yesterday, my Sanderling v2017-11-19 fails to connect to license server

(500) Internal server Error (Erreur interne du serveur)
failed to establish session

I didn’t do any modification on anything. Everithing was ok on 2019-01-10.
Any advice?
Thanks by advance.

Fly safe, bot with parsimony :slight_smile:

Just tested with version 2018-12-06: That worked, so you can use that one. You can download it from

If you see any problem with version 2018-12-06, let me know.

I m experiencing the same issues with:

Did you stopped supporting the old Sanderling licencing?

The link provided is for the newer licence version.

i get the same issue … if this one isn’t supported then i guess the project is no longer free?

Same here. I hope you continue allowing the old versions

No need to use those, there is a new version you can download from

If you see any problem with version 2018-12-06, I will look into it.

Ok, so lets look at the older version v2018-07-30. I just tested and that one worked. Do you see a problem when using v2018-07-30?

I have same issue as @Bitenbois. Was using 2017-11-19 for ages w/o any problems and it stopped working correctly on January 10th.

Vesrsion 2018-17-30 requires a key and when I try to auth at is gives me “Status Code: 404; Not Found” error.

Anyway, 2018-17-30 is not free. Does this means that only paid version works now or it’s just a temporary issue?

Thanks Viir for your answers.

When trying to use v2018-07-30, I get

Failed to prepare the bot
Exceeded maximum supported bot size of 100000.

I’m at 98698 chars after deleting all my comments and a few unised functions.

The older versions were easier to deal with since it doesn’t requite any key to use.
Also the newer version required credits, although it seems to be free now since i couldn’t see anywhere to buy new credits and my balance is 0.
v2018-07-30 is working fine.

Is this a new bot or file?
If this is not a new bot: Did you see this problem anytime in the last five months when using v2018-07-30?

Yes, v2018-07-30 and v2018-12-06 require a key and credits.
You can get both key and credits at
In case there is a problem, let me know, I will look into it.

Thank you for the report, I will look into that and get back to you.

It’s the script I made on v2017-11-19 and I was using until 2019-01-10.

@Svs, I fixed a bug which caused the “Status Code: 404; Not Found” error.

Login should now work at

Thank you again for notifying me.

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Yes, it’s working now, thanks!
However my 2nd question is still stays: is v2017-11-19 no longer supported or it’s just a temporary issue?

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Ok, in this case I recommend that you simply keep using v2018-07-30 for now.
v2018-07-30 is still supported, so there is no need to switch to a newer version.

Thank you for the feedback.
v2017-11-19 is not supported anymore.

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