Is this bot still free?

I noticed that in that past there have been messages regarding the licensing server. I am currently trying to develop my bot further after having left it run overnight for testing purposes, and the client is now asking me to purchase more credits becuase I have used all of my free credits…

Failed to prepare the bot:
You have exhausted your free bot use time. Free use of bots is limited to 120 minutes.
Using a bot costs 16 credits per minute.
To continue using bots with this app, proceed at

I was under the impression this bot was still free?

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The bot is still kinda free. you can get credits for posting here or buy them for a ridiculous cheap price. keep in mind that this is not only a bot, its a bot framework so you can automate pretty much anything in eve and that demands quite some sophisticated brainpower.

don’t get it - cant you just mine bitcoins or something and bot with the free resources? Why must there be a currency?

A currency is the fairest method to generate income from the bot and encurage contributions to the community. you can do what you feel right to earn the money or the currency for the bots usage, some people even work for that money. the developer certanly did invest work to make this bot.

I guess i’m still confused. is this currency somehow more useful than bitcoin? what can developers do with it?

Hi where can i buy the credits for cheap? sorry me newbie here on forum

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Welcome @eaonflux
all informations to buy and use the credits for Sanderling, are here:

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