Is the bot code sent to the internet and how to separate config from actual bot code?


I have a couple questions regarding privacy

  1. Is the bot’s code automatically published to everyone? Or is it just BotEngine Administrator who can see the code?
  2. Say I want to configure which ship I use for botting. In the code i could write var shipName = "My botting ship", but that would reveal my identity to the public internet (i assume source code is sent to the internet). How do I write a separate config file from the actual bot code?

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From my infos, not even BotEngine Administrator not see the name of your ship

if i remember correctly the process is like that:
the code is verified on botengine only to “validate” your usage of bot( acces, key validation, counting time etc ).
even so, there is nobody to track your packets between your computer and botengine, and nobody is interested to track how many ships named " lskdfj" are ingame or not
in rest is between you bot and your interface

No, the code is not published.

Why do you assume this? Where is this idea coming from?

At the moment, I see no solution for a separate config file.
I plan to add this functionality to the app soon.

I assumed everything was transferred since code hash, exceptions and run times were already published. I assumed too much, thanks for clearing it up!