In need of guidance

I’m fairly new to programming and bots but I need some help with a request I got from one of my roommates. I didn’t know where too ask this question so I really hope someone here can help me.

So the request:
My roommate is spending his free time on the forex trading market with a group of his friends. They have a messaging group in Telegram where a couple of them send there calculations of a everything to buy and sell on metatrader 4. He asked me if it was possible to create a bot that could scan these messages and automatically fill in metatrader what to buy, at what price and when to sell this again.

So he wants a bot that scans the messages he recieves in his groupchat on Telegram and checks wether it must start buying or selling, at what market it must buy or sell, gives in the price and the stoploss. All this has to run continuasly.

Really hope someone can help me, even if it’s just directing me to another forum with people specialised in this type of bot.

Sounds like you are looking for an “API” for Telegram. An API would make that “scanning” very easy. What does their documentation say about this use case? Do they have an example program to read the messages from a group?

Have a look here:

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Alright I’m gonna look into this thanks man this could get me one step further :slight_smile: