Danger Warning!

I came here because I got pod killed.

I want to have a bot that detects players entering the overview, plays a warning and gives the option to activates modules, target them, or most of all just warp the #### out of there. I looked into it and I understand there WAS a way to do this with the chat but it’s just been taken down by CCP. I think it would be easy to make a bot that does those things.

*Scans the overview (at least once a second) for player entries and compares them to the ones from the last scan.

*Triggers an alert when it finds a new player (sound/popup)

*sends a command to warp out/activate shields/target and fire

In a dream it would also send an Email alert (which can be converted to SMS, Push notification ect…) and scan the player’s bounty to find rewards (so you set 10 million isk or more, wait at a busy gate, and it tells you who to kill)

I have done a few hours of coding in java and C# but the best thing I made was a calculator. I’m hoping you can help at least get me started!

I coded an app to do the scanning of the overview and also trigger the alarm: Implement scanning overview and triggering alert as described by Colm · Viir/bots@2ef879e · GitHub

I based this off the mining bot and removed everything that is not needed for your scenario from BotEngineApp.elm.

The BotEngineApp.elm module contains all the code to scan the overview, filter for players, remember previously seen players, derive the subset of new ones and play an alarm sound.
It also writes a report into the status description to support you in case you want to change things.

What do you think of the structure so far?

What do you think about triggering the email when the bot sends a message to a Discord channel? It looks like there are several services to trigger Email on messages in Discord.

That’s unbelievable!