Combat anomaly bot

Hi, I have two questions and also a “bug” to report.
The first question is: is it possible to run this bot in the background whilst say working on excell ? If not, then how do you run multiple clients ?
The bug report is that if the bot right clicks on a target to lock which is too far away (and therefore the option to lock doesn’t appear) then it waits forever. Perhaps a solution would be to make it perform random left clicks in the center of the screen once in a while so as to make the dialogue box disappear.
The other question is: when you prioritize rats, so they take priority 1 / 2 / 3 or is it just priority yes / no ? The reason for this is that the frigates should always have no.1 priority due to the webs but then the destroyers should follow due to their damage kn drones etc.

Running the bot in the background and running multiple bots are two separate issues.

To run a bot in the background, you would use a dedicated (virtual) machine. There are multiple ways to set this up. For EVE Online, many people use VMWare.

(There is also the option of using multiple desktops instead of whole VMs (e.g., via RdpWrapper), but this requires more effort to set up and maintain.)

Running multiple bots is a different problem. You can run multiple bots on the same machine without this level of isolation. To do this, you let the bots coordinate with each other and take turns using the input focus (mouse). You let each bot check if another bot is sending input at the moment before starting to send inputs itself. For EVE Online, 300 Milliseconds per step should be enough time in most cases. It depends on how you configure the distance between individual steps in the input sequence. For example, how long you want to wait after moving the mouse before pressing a mouse button. (You can see the actual times for a session of your choice using the time-travel functionality in devtools)

What dialog box? If you link a session recording, I can take a look.

You can use the Download session archive button in devtools to export your session recording:

It is this green button here:
Download session archive

If you have never done this, here is how you enter the graphical user interface: