Cannot get the bot to run because of "Failed to prepare the bot"

“The given bot operation key is not valid. To get a key, register at

I have registered, I have inserted my bot operation key, and still I get this message. I’m sure its something simple, what am I doing wrong???

Edit: I’ve been looking at this stuff for about 2 days for a total of roughly 2-3 hours. Given that I have sanderling and have compiled its binary from the github source. (background, am a C# dev). So I fully admit I may have skimped on some documentation that would present me with an answer.

I just tested with the app from and bot started without a problem.
Therefore I suggest you test with the binary from first.

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Thanks! I’ll try this exe out. As I’m reading into this stuff some more. Tho I put my bot key into it before it started, could it be that I get that message because I have no “coins” ?

to see the “status” or current balance , look on
all questions about how to buy etc etc are here
Purchasing and Using BotLab Credits - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

So that message is stemming from the fact I have no coins? Because it’s explicitly saying the api bot key is wrong. When I’ve copied it directly from manage.botengine site.

Better make a copy paste here of text or printscreen, to see exactly what is happening for you

Well now with @Viir 's new exe im at least getting a new error. I take it botengine is a sub build of sanderling correct? And thus botengine referencing the sanderling namespace makes botengine say wtf?

from what I see, I think you have 2 possibilities:
1 keep working with the last version ( I didnt use this version, others say its working) : and read Releases · Arcitectus/Sanderling · GitHub about the last release ( a copy paste from there: Sanderling app supporting to start a bot automatically, as requested by Aseratis and Maniac.

  • Support loading a bot from a file given with the --load-bot-from-file process argument.
  • Support starting the bot directly with the --start-bot process argument.

To use both options, a complete commandline can look like this:

2018-12-06.Sanderling.exe --load-bot-from-file="C:\Users\John\Desktop\my-script-to-load.txt" --start-bot

or second, until you make it work, and see if is working, use the version from 07/2018 Release Release v2018-07-30 · Arcitectus/Sanderling · GitHub

in conclusion, or you add in cmd line to use the last version or simply get a older exec and post here the text

I don’t know, no idea what sub build means.

That screenshot looks like the error is specific to the bot you loaded. My idea of how to avoid this is to load an empty file as bot.
I tested this with version 2018-12-27. Here is a screenshot of the UI after succesfully completing:

Do you see an error when trying this with your key?


Yeah that was a little ambiguous. I meant is botengine built from sanderling?

Since you use the term ‘built’, I guess you mean the app.

The BotEngine app is not built from Sanderling. The Sanderling app is a version of the BotEngine app which is specially adapted to support EVE Online. It is not needed to test if a given bot operation key can be used, because both apps work the same in this regards. So if someone wants to test a bot operation key, they can use the BotEngine app in any case.

Thanks for your help. I did finally get it to run. Now im debugging. @kaboonus 's bot, his rat + commander loot only bot. Error on this line: var MyOwnChar = chatLocal?.ParticipantView?.Entry?.FirstOrDefault(myflag =>myflag?.FlagIcon == null);

Probably dont have the UI setup im assuming.


you have to have the local window separated from any other window and your name char have to be visible.

if in your system are 3000 players and your name is not visible, change the system where are 10-20 players. ( lesser , better) so all will be visibles. also make the window biggest possible on vertical.
the script will get you home if there are (initial number of players at start of script) + 10 , so if any fleet enter and you cannot see all players so is safer to go home
also, you can ignore the campers who stay and sleep in your system, but in the same time if they are coming on your grid you warp instant home
your name is useful in multiple ways:

make and track the incoming/ char - used
make a fleet and follow other char -i had a version with this, just add mate fleets and if in local are violet ones, he folow one of them
create intel - is not hard, just use input text used to move the mtu in the intel chanel
alarm if you char is named in local

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Done what you suggested. The code still blows off on line 29, capturing your own name (var MyOwnChar)

normally there is no reason to not capture the name of your own char. (for me it happened only once in a populated system like 1400, and I was not visible- name with t)
in this case, you can change

var MyOwnChar  = chatLocal?.ParticipantView?.Entry?.FirstOrDefault(myflag =>myflag?.FlagIcon == null);
var firstname = MyOwnChar?.NameLabel?.Text;

with (3rd solution)

//var MyOwnChar  = chatLocal?.ParticipantView?.Entry?.FirstOrDefault(myflag =>myflag?.FlagIcon == null);
//var firstname = MyOwnChar?.NameLabel?.Text;
var firstname = "name your char";

or before try like that (2nd):

var MyOwnChar  =chatLocal?.ParticipantView?.Entry?.FirstOrDefault(myflag =>myflag?.FlagIcon == null);
var firstname = MyOwnChar?.NameLabel?.Text;
string CharName = firstname.ToLower() ; // string CharName =firstname.Remove(firstname.IndexOf(" ")).ToLower();

maybe IndexOf give the error