Branches and features?

@Viir , are you mainly interested in programming the bot engine, or the bots themselves?

I ask because I see some different branches of the Eve Mining Bot that have some things I’m interested in (like bot mining), but it doesn’t look like they were merged.

I’m interested in getting the bot to mine two different targets and have a laser cycle time. It looks like I saw some code for those in other branches, but not in the master.

(FYI, I’m using strip miners, so my cycle time is 162 seconds. You don’t know if the asteroid pops until the end of your cycle, so if I start mining a small asteroid, I don’t know that I have been wasting time on both my miners for over two minutes).

Looking into the last three months, I spent about the same amount of time on programming the engine and programming bots.

Some upcoming tasks are:

  • [engine] Add graphical user interface for composing the app-settings.
  • [bot, tribal-wars-2]: Add app-setting for the search radius for barbarian villages.
  • [bot, eve-online]: For the mining example project, simpler defense function, based on the description from McMahon.

These are mostly based on feedback from the last four weeks, probably that is the reason I remember those first.

Yes, many people do their own thing and not necessarily merge. That is why we have the catalog of public artifacts, to make it easier to find parts to steal reuse, without depending on branches so much :wink:

As far as I remember, you should see an indication of how many modules are already activated on a target. You can use this to decide when to activate another one.

Do you know if you can tell how far into a cycle a laser (top row item) is? In the GUI, it shows by the outer line going around. If we can get x number of seconds remaining or x number of seconds since starting, that would work too.

If we have that, I think I can figure out a setting activated cycle time.


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Then let’s use that line. :+1: I will expand the reading implementation to get this.

About seconds: There are multiple ways: For example, you can move the mouse cursor over the module button in the ship UI. This triggers a tooltip which gives you information about the duration.

The progress of this line now available via the rampRotationMilli field in the ShipUIModuleButton:

(The “ramp” and “rotation” come from the names CCP uses in their representation.)

The value runs from 0 to 1000 (clockwise).