Adding ignore anomaly + warp off when blue occupied

Hello my friends!
First of all - I have 0 programming experience and English is not my native language so take that into account :stuck_out_tongue:
Now to the topic. I would like to add a feature to Sanderling script for anomaly ratting. The script is perfect but lacks one thing and that is warping off when anomaly is already being done by fellow blue. Is it possible to add a feature to warp off? And if yes, could you help me with adding it there?
Thank you very very much!
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The script I’m using is this one that is available here

is already done that:

 if (RattingAnomaly && (0 < listOverviewEntryFriends?.Length || ListCelestialToAvoid?.Length > 0 ) 
 && ReadyToBattle)
        if (  ListCelestialToAvoid?.Length > 0)
	            Host.Log("               Gas Haven, better run!!");
	            ClickMenuEntryOnPatternMenuRoot(Measurement?.InfoPanelCurrentSystem?.ListSurroundingsButton, UnloadBookmark, "warp");
	if (Measurement?.ShipUi?.Indication?.ManeuverType != ShipManeuverTypeEnum.Orbit)
		Host.Log("               Presence of friends on site! Let them be!");
		ActivateArmorRepairerExecute();//to be sure I stay alive, rats can target me
        return TakeAnomaly;
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Oh yeah. It won’t start shooting stuff. But it actually will stop doing anything, just opening and closing probe window. Am I doing something wrong?

Oh okay, it’s slow but after some undocking it changes the anomaly correctly :smiley: thank you buddy

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Okey, so, hopefully you see this. It actually doesn’t work properly. Only once it worked after some dock/undock attempts. But what it does now is that it sits at the anomaly in open/close probe launcher loop. Any suggestions?

@kaboonus friendly bump, no rush with answer :slight_smile:

Will test again, will do. Thank you for your prompt replies.

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