A little guidance please :)

Hello folks,

Thanks for having me here. I’m using this as a project for my course I’m starting in September for programming and thought it would be fun to try and make something that works before I get there. I know a couple of the guys that will be on the course and they’ve got a lot of cool apps they’ve built so I don’t want to be left behind! I’m very basic in my knowledge of programming and can’t seem to find how to get the client opened once the launcher is up?

Can anyone give me an explanation to how to get from desktop to station hangar please?


None of the code here does that ?


Any way to implement a travel function once all sites have been cleared? Also, Why will it not allow us to run in 0.5? That seems daft?

You asked how to make the bot log in for you, it does not do that.
Any area you are farming anomolies in should respawn them fast enough to not need to change systems.

@mittens this is incorrect buddy. The bot had the coding setup that if the system was 0.5 and without friendlies in local (IE. the bot is set to play in 0.6+) it would attempt warpout.

My assumption is that when the ship saver was built, it was built to stay WITHIN 0.5+ but whomever wrote this particular release code, wrote stay above 0.5 instead of 0.4 … Do you know what I mean?

The intention was to not venture to 0.4 and stay in 0.5, but instead has been written to stay away from 0.5 and stay in 0.6.

There is 100% a thread/post somewhere with that information, I just can’t find it.

Um, yeah, so nowhere in your original post did you talk about 0.5, or anything other than getting the bot to log in for you, which is why that is what i’m replying to. Buddy.

When you’re talking about the local avoidance code, that is something else entirely. Buddy.

I’m guessing the reason you can’t find what you’re looking for, buddy, is because you are searching for the entirely wrong terms. Buddy.

Edit ParseExtension.cs and modify IsNeutralOrEnemy to ignore neutral players. Or don’t and instead complain that noone has compiled a version for you. Buddy.

Whatever attitude problem you got, that’s for you to address buddy. You want to take offence to the word ‘buddy’ and then shitpost on my request for help? Top lad, on you go, bring on the trolls from your deepest darkest pit and bring me some entertainment.

I hadn’t complained about anything and had simply pointed out something that I’d seen on another thread and then could not find again, don’t see your issue?

Who knows. Really, who cares I mean, I’m just waiting for the misuss to get out the shower and we’re going to enjoy our day off. You can enjoy reading this shitpost with no real meaningful point to it other than, now, evidencing I’m just enjoying being obnoxious. I’m not allowed to be obnoxious with the people I work with and typically am not an obnoxious person in the game, but you know, every now and then it’s fun to bite.

I downloaded Virtual Studio. after last week only just managing to complete Hello World. Which, I must say I was very proud of. I then let myself loose and started punching the source code of ABot. I found what I was looking for - the bot is actually really nicely put together. Ultimately, I suppose it’s not my fault you can’t fix the terribly simple things I’m speaking about. Everyone else can, even me, but why can’t you?

Meh, guess I need an education.

Write back soon buddy :slight_smile: