3 questions about Anomaly bot

I am considering using this software and I just wanted to know 3 important point

  1. I know that there is a hiding function when a neutral user appears.
    If neutral users disappear, will my ship automatically undock and continue ratting? or is my ship waiting in dock?

  2. When rare sentient spawn appears when clearing the site.
    Can my ship looting it ?

  3. When clearing the site, a very dangerous carrier type may appear. Can my ship dock safely in this case?

I would really appreciate it if you respond.

Here is an anomaly bot that undocks again when the last neutral disappears: FrontendWeb.Main

About the other two questions: I have not seen such functions. If you want these, you could request them as new features.

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Number 2 is why i need to change how to detect pilot in overview :smiley:
Number 3 is

    overviewContainsRatToGoToNextAnomaly =
        case (context |> botSettingsFromDecisionContext).ratNameToGoToNextAnomaly of
            Nothing ->
            Just ratNameToGoToNextAnomaly ->
                    |> List.any (.objectName >> Maybe.map (String.toLower >> (==) (String.toLower ratNameToGoToNextAnomaly)) >> Maybe.withDefault False)